Meadowsweet Farm

Meadowsweet Farm provides our community with 100% grass-fed lamb, beef, and mutton, sheepskins, and wool goods. Our goal is always to go above and beyond in the quality of the foods we raise. We believe that the way to do this is to nurture our soils plans, and animals - our whole farm ecosystem - to the highest possible level of vibrancy and vitality. Our animals spend their days outdoors on clean, rich pasture, in a planned rotational grazing system that builds soil, strengthens our watershed, and keeps our grasses and clovers lush and robust. We encourage you to visit our farm and see for yourself what we do here. And if you can’t make it for a visit, just try our meats - the sweetness and succulence speaks for itself!

Eliot Van Peski & Rayna Palm

105 Stevens Road, Swanville, ME 04915