Biggi's Organic Breads
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57 Penobscot St, Bangor, 04401

Organic & vegan bakery producing breads and pastries. Miki Macdonald & Myer Taksel 207-217-4148
Burke Hill Farm
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520 Blackwoods Road, Cherryfield, ME 04622

We grow organic wild blueberries on around 140 acres. We sell fresh berries in pints and 5 lb. and 10 lb. boxes. Free snacks for the kids because every kid should be eating blueberries. We will be at market on Sundays from the very end of July through middle of September. We also attend the Ellsworth, Rockland, Belfast, Orono and Town Hill Farmers' Markets.
We attend market only in the outdoor season. Ben Perrin 207-460-6215
Cedar Mill Farm
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154 Mills Rd, Exeter, ME 04435

We attend the market only in the winter.

Cedar Mill Farm website Mary Hoskins 207-379-3066
Common Wealth Farm
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47 Rich Road, Unity, ME 04988

Try our fresh, organically-fed, pastured meat chickens (whole and parted), Cornish game hens, poussin, and value-added products. The meat chickens are raised on pasture, free from chemicals and pesticides, from May to November and processed in our farm's licensed facility. We offer fresh, non-GMO, free range chicken and duck eggs year round. Products available retail and wholesale.
We attend market only in the outdoor season.

Common Wealth Farm Website Tim Wilson 207-568-9068
Cornerstone Farm
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74 Dogtown Road, Palmyra, ME 04965

Are you looking for amazing tomatoes? Smokey bacon? Arm loads of leafy greens? And a grill full of wicked good sausages? Well then you have found the right farm! We raise our hogs on pasture; they are allow to run, root, wallow and just plain lay in the sun enjoying the fresh air! Our certified organic vegetables are super fresh! We grow a lot of heirlooms which means our veggie varieties are selected to taste amazing. With all this great food you will look like a super hero cook when you serve it up to your friends and family.

Cornerstone Farm Website Hanne Tierney 207-416 2676
Enchanted Kitchen at Fire Fly Farm and the YumBus
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526 Dexter Road, St. Albans, ME 04971

Baker, crêperie, caterer, certified organic farm. Artisan breads, sweet and savory pastries of all kinds made with Maine organic whole grains.
Come enjoy our made to order crêpes!! Our menu is inspired with Maine's seasonal ingredients from our organic farm and the Farmers' Markets we do. Farm to fork, Crêpes are whipped up and served at the green YumBus!~
I will be attending Sunday Markets all season and winter season too! I also attend the Belfast and Orono Farmers' Markets.

Fire Fly Farm Website Billi Barker 207-938-3906
Evermay Nursery
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Corner of Stillwater and Forest Ave, Orono

We grow a spring crop of flower and vegetable seedlings. We offer about 200 different types including some unusual vegetable seedlings. We also grow 3 or 4 hundred types of perennial plants including many rare and unusual types.
We attend market only in May/June. Richard May and Kathyrn Meade-Coulombe 207-991-4467
Fail Better Farm
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582 Old County Road, Etna, ME 04434

Beautiful, delicious, certified Organic produce. Adding color, taste, and good health to your family’s table since 2006.

Fail Better Farm Website Clayton Carter 207-951-5953
Farm House Coffee Roasters
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N. Main St., Winterport, 04496

We are a local coffee roaster offering only the finest coffees available. We also offer coffee through our website.

Farm House Coffee Roasters Website Andrew Newell 207-944-7969
Nettie Fox Farm
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2348 Kennebec Road, Newburgh, ME 04444

We cultivate 3.5 acres of vegetables and herbs for sale at farmers' markets in Brewer, Bangor, Northeast Harbor and through a summer and winter CSA share program. All our produce is MOFGA certified organic and guaranteed fresh and delicious!

Nettie Fox Farm Website Molly Crouse and Everett Ottinger 207-234-3008
Peacemeal Farm
Location About Us E-Mail Operated By Phone
25 Peacemeal Lane, Dixmont, ME 04932

We grow a wide variety of MOFGA-certified organic veggies including peas, beans, tomatoes, melons, squash, garlic, onions, carrots, potatoes and much more. We will have seedlings in the spring for your garden and produce for winter storage in the fall. Mark Guzzi and Marcia Ferry 207-257-4103
Rollins Orchards
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262 Dexter Rd, Garland, ME 04939

We grow 25 acres of apples including many heirloom varieties. We press fresh cider all winter long. We put out 1200 taps in maple trees in the spring.
We attend the market only in the winter.

Rollins Orchards Website Ernest Rollins 207-924-3504
Tangled Oak Farm
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1187 Back Brooks Road, Monroe, ME 04951

We are a diversified farm located in the small midcoast town of Monroe. We produce and sell grassfed beef, pasture raised pork, eggs, mixed vegetables and seedlings.

Tangled Oak Farm on Facebook Michelle and Bill Neville 207-525-3018
The Highlands
Location About Us E-Mail Operated By Phone
212 Nate Richards Rd., St. Albans, ME 04971

A 250 acre, Katahdin view hillside farm established in 1985. We specialize in grass-fed Highland beef, and all natural free range pork and poultry. Livestock are free to express their innate behaviors; cattle rage, hogs root and wallow, and poultry scratch through fresh pasture daily. We also market fresh eggs, berries, cut flowers and seedlings, rhubarb, and farm fresh preserves; available soon asparagus and mushrooms. Michael and Debra Vermette 207-938-2710
Wise Acres Farm
Location About Us E-Mail Operated By Phone
424 Townhouse Road, Kenduskeag, ME 04450

Wise Acres Farm is located on 40+ acres of fields and forest in Kenduskeag. We produce fresh vegetables, berries. and healthy soil, and we love bringing the first two to our customers at the Bangor and Ellsworth farmers' markets! We also offer summer CSA shares in the Bangor area. We are certified organic through MOFGA and we welcome customers using SNAP/EBT and WIC.

Wise Acres Farm Website Brittany Hopkins and Joy Trueworthy 207-730-6214
Worcester's Wild Blueberries
Location About Us E-Mail Operated By Phone
356 Lyford Road, Orneville, ME 04463

We have over 75 acres of blueberries, harvesting approximately 35 acres yearly. We provide clean, ready to eat wild low bush blueberries in pints, quarts, 5 lb. and 10 lb. boxes fresh or ready to freeze. Our approved kitchen is where we make our value added products (approximately 15 at last count). These products include jams, jellies, juice, BBQ sauce, syrup and vinaigrette. Our products come in sampler sizes made perfect for wedding favors.

Worcester's Wild Blueberries Website Lee and Everett Worcester 207-943-8804